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ASHWIN JOSHI - Vice President, Fixed Income ESG Investment team, BlackRock, New York

AYMERIC KALIFE - CEO, iDigital Partners, Adjunct Professor, Université Paris - Dauphine

DIANE MENVILLE - Head of treasury and Capital markets , Agence française de Développement (AFD)

OLIVIER TOUTAIN - Executive Director, Scope Ratings, Adjunct Professor, Université Paris - Dauphine

Les objectifs du cours

The past years have seen a marked shift in society’s attitudes toward sustainability. This shift is spurring political pressure, a regulatory push and technological advancements to create the foundations of a more sustainable world, leading to a change in investor behaviour and setting in motion a major yet gradual capital reallocation. Society’s long transition toward the practice of sustainable investing is likely to drive market adjustments for years and even decades.

In this course, we have a curated a series which will enable you to learn the basics and get started in the sustainable investing landscape, while providing you an opportunity to discover insights, data and tools across asset classes that are evolving the markets.

Plan du course

Part 1: What is Sustainable Investing and why does it matter? -- 3h

1.1. Big picture - why sustainable development matters?
1.2. Evolving regulatory landscape
1.3. Recent market trends and strategy
1.4. Measuring sustainability
1.5. Limitations and challenge

Part 2: Sustainability's challenges to corporates -- 3h

2.1. Externalities
2.2. Governance and behaviour
2.3. Strategy and intangibles - changing business models
2.4. Integrated reporting - metrics and data

Part 3: Approaches of data analysis -- 6h

3.1. ESG metrics methodology
3.2. Data availability, data quality and usage
3.3. Identification of material information
3.4. New tools and technology

Part 4: Financing Sustainability -- 6h

4.1. Investing for long-term value creation
4.2. Equity - Engagement and Stewardship, ESG integration in valuation
4.3. Bonds - investing without voting power
4.4. Alternatives - approach to sustainable investing in real assets
4.5. Banking - new forms of lending
4.6. Insurance - managing long-term risk
4.7. Market view - risk/return assessment

Part 5: How to get there? -- 3h

5.1. Current state of the market and financial institutions commitments
5.2. Next steps
5.3. Conclusion


Schoenmaker D. and W. Schramade, Principles of Sustainable Finance, Oxford University Press, 432 pages, 2018.