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Master of Science Financial Markets

The Master of Science Financial Markets can be completed in one year (Master 2) or in two years (Master 1 and 2).
The curriculum is designed as following:

  • Master 1: 1 class semester, a 4 to 8 months internship and a master thesis. After an upgrading module on “Fundamentals of corporate finance”, the Master 1 curriculum is designed upon 11 core fundamental modules (280 hours of classes as of investments and financial markets, careers in Finance, Ethics, professional standards & Global compliance, fixed income etc.);
  • Master 2: 2 class semesters, 4 to 8 months internship and a soft skill seminar. The classes consist in 12 elective modules (250 hours in behavioural finance, mergers & acquisitions etc.) and 11 core advanced modules (270 hours) (commodities, risk management etc.). 

Master of Science Financial Markets Curriculum

The curriculum of the Master of Science Financial Markets is designed to balance academic and practical skills regarding the following intended learning outcomes:

MSc. Financial Markets theoretical skills

Derivative Pricing and Stochastics Calculus 1 & 2, Financial Econometrics 1 & 2, Machine learning, Risk Management, Applied Time series, Computational Finance, Energy derivatives

MSc. Financial Markets technical skills

VBA programming, C++ programming, Python programming, Machine Learning in finance, Numerical Finance

MSc. Financial Markets products and markets skills

Investments & Financial Markets, International Finance, Equities, Fixed Income 1 & 2, Financial derivatives, Financial Markets & the Economy, Exotic options and structured products, Advanced Asset Management, Credit Risk, Commodities,Volatility Trading Strategies

MSc. Financial Markets general knowledge and open-mindedness skills

Corporate Finance, Sustainable Finance, Electronic Markets, Geopolitics of Energy, Ethics, Compliance & Professional Standards, Behavioral Finance, Alternative Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Regulation and Financial Markets

MSc. Financial Markets professional skills

Careers in Finance, Preparation for interviews in Finance, soft skills

MSc. Financial Markets Project management and teamwork

Master thesis, Individual projects in many courses

MSc. Financial Markets graduate destinations

Recruitment after graduation is very successfull thanks to the worldwide reputation of the MSc. finance (203 - Financial Markets, see our worldwide ranking), to the corporate partners implication, and the preparation during the 2 years of the program.

The statistics for the Class of 2018 are reporting 100% having accepted a job offer within three month of graduation and 86% working abroad with an average gross annual salary of 67K€.

Details about graduate destinations.