Sébastien Roy

Associate, EPS Partenaires

International Finance

Les objectifs du cours

The International Finance course aims at providing students with a comprehensive introduction to financial markets. A particular focus is given to foreign exchange markets.
Most concepts are presented through examples and short case studies.

Plan du cours

  • The drivers of foreign exchange rates
  • Forex derivative products
  • Managing foreign exchange risk
  • Trades on the foreign exchange market
  • Equilibrium on the foreign exchange market
  • The drivers of spot rates
  • The drivers of forward rates
  • Foreign exchange rate forecasts


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Moffett M.H., Stonehill A.I., Eiteman D.K., Fundamentals of Multinational Finance - 5th edition
Rosenberg M.R., Currency Forecasting : a guide to fundamental and technical models of exchange rate determination


Final Exam