London Summer School, June 2020

In this Summer School in the heart of London, you will receive key insights into the workings of financial markers and the operations of the UK's leading institutions. You will also learn how to build your profile and personal network as well as polish your financial English skills to be able to work in the main centres worldwide, such as London, New York and Singapore.

The programme contains a powerful combination of structured classroom learning and real-world experience of the Finance industry. You will be taught by professionals and senior executives from the Finance industry from companies such as Blackrock, BNP, Goldman Sachs, Moodies, RBS, Standard & Poors, Standard Chartered Bank, as well as lecturers from the best universities in the UK including Oxford and Cambridge. You will meet recruiters with a broad experience in the global Finance industry. In addition you will benefit from a range of social events and cultural visits to ensure a complete learning experience.

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