Hackathon AI & ML: and the winner is a Master 203 team!

On the 25th and 26th of January, the Master 203 participates, with the QMI (Quantitative Management Initiative) and its partners Addstones-GFI and La Française Investment Solutions, in the organization of the first hackathon to explore the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the asset management industry.

17 teams did compete, including three 100% from the 203 (and a mixed team). 2 (out of 6) were in the second round of competition and finally, it is a team from the Master 203, class of 2018, who are graduating this coming Friday (Februeary 1st, 2019) who won the competition. 

Congratulations to Mounah Bizri, Nicolas Leconte and Maxime lefebvre for their success. See the final results.