Nathalie Yaël Cohen

Leadership Coach, Paris

Karen Herrgott

Collaborative Communication facilitator, Paris

Compétences fondamentales ou douces

Les objectifs du cours

The objective of the course is to address soft skills ( vs. hard skills or technical skills) which relate to human qualities ( attitudes, values, etc.) and interpersonal skills, which are nowadays essential for both personal and professional success.

Through access modules on Authentic Leadership and Non Violent Communication, the emphasis will be on: emotional intelligence, self-knowledge, caring, communication, authenticity, empathy, creativity, flexibility, conflict resolution, ability to work in group, ethics.

The idea is to have a better awareness of oneself to contribute constructively to teamwork and become inspiring Leaders. The Module is meant to be creative and interactive.

"Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you tract by the person you become” - Jim Rohn  


Ce cours ouvrira en septembre 2020.

Plan du cours

Part I - Discovery and practice of the process of NonViolent Communication according to Marshall Rosenberg over 6 sessions of 1h30 each.

- Listening to yourself

  • Observe one's thoughts and judgements and translate them into needs.
  • Distinguishing facts/observations from our interpretations/judgments

- Listening to each other

  • Offering non-directive listening, with empathic reflection in Feeling and Need
  • Accepting a difficult message: against oneself, against the other, with oneself, with the other

- Dialogue practice

  • Alternating self-expression and listening to others
  • Elaborate a solution that takes into account the needs of each person

Part II - Interactive workshops on Authentic Leadership, over 6 sessions of 1h30 each.

- Clarity = Power

  • Who am I ?
  • Identifying your Talents and Resources

- Emotions Management 

  • Brain plasticity
  • Face your fears

- Communication

  • Projection and Intuition
  • Story Telling

- Authentic Leadership & Critical Thinking

  • Ability to Learn & Transmit
  • Decision-Making Power

- Team Work

  • Flexibility and Collective Intelligence
  • Win-Win Negotiation

- Mindfulness & Positive Attitude

  • Active Listening
  • Personal and collective growth


  • Reinventing Organizations - Frédéric Laloux
  • Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose - Tony Hsieh
  • Search inside yourself - Chade-Meng Tan
  • Start with why - Simon Sinek
  • Words are windows or they’re walls – Marshall Rosenberg