Leadership Coach, Paris

Nathalie Yaël Cohen


With a French education, Oriental culture and Anglo-Saxon spirit, Nathalie Yaël Cohen has always been interested in multicultural diversity, geopolitics and international relations. For 20 years she worked in the Financial Markets, specializing in foreign exchange risk management.

She has since always two passions: Theatre for letting go and expressing emotions and Medicine because of her continuous amazement at the magic and power of the human body.

After a sabbatical year travelling, discovering other cultures, doing volunteer work for sick children, for autistics and the realization that " time is life! “ she chose to reconvert herself professionally.

Graduated of the Co-Active Training Institute, ICF Member and certified NLP; she is now a Leadership Coach. She works internationally with large groups and start-ups. She is committed to connecting people to their essence, in order to develop their leadership and creativity.